Susan & Fran
Israel's beloved duo

The unusual story here is that these two female performers, who made history in Israel, are both Canadian.

Two young women with two guitars back in the 1970s began singing together at a night-club in Tel-Aviv. This duo with a magic spark and exquisite harmonies quickly rose to stardom. Though they eventually returned to Canada and carried on separate singing careers, over the years Susan & Fran were never forgotten in Israel.

Their songs are heard daily on Israeli radio, favorites like "Leylot Lilac", "Derech Yishana" and "Lo Dibarnu Od". Their acclaimed "Tzipor Shniya" has achieved a unique place of honor, loved by all, and heard everywhere, notably at Israeli Prime Minister Rabin’s funeral. Susan & Fran have collaborated with artists like Matti Caspi, Ehud Manor, Chava Alberstein, Misha Segal, The Dudaim, and others, and their recordings have appeared on many compilations.

In 1986, Susan & Fran performed throughout Israel including a concert at the Canadian Embassy, at the first Israeli Women’s Music Festival in Beer Sheva, at Tzavta theatre, and on prime-time television. The early TV show "The Whistling Gypsy" featuring Susan & Fran is currently being re-aired on Israeli television.

In 2002 the Warner Hed-Arzi label released a double-boxed set of Susan & Fran classics prior to their 2003 Reunion Concert Tour.

Their CD "Shoshanim, Hebrew love songs" includes select new compositions in a fine collection of well loved Israeli favorites sung by Susan & Fran at their lyrical best.

"With breathtaking harmonies Susan and Fran instill a new beat in traditional Israeli songs such as Kol Dodi whose origins go back to the Song of Songs"...Ladyslipper

"Exciting vocal dynamic, drawing from a multitude of musical wells from the familiar to the exotic"...the Jerusalem Post

UPDATE 2005: Their latest CD The Merciful Moon (B'chemlat Hal'vana) is an album of songs of peace and celebration, "full of rhythms that lift your feet and your heart simultaneously". These eleven contemporary pieces to sing, dance, move and be moved by, take us through an exciting emotional journey, of love and loss, joy and sorrow, and ultimately refresh our spirits.

'Yisrael Shema' is an ardent plea for peace, 'Not by Might' an exciting middle eastern mantra-dance and 'Gesher Tsar' connects us in ever-expanding harmony. This recording is a not-to-be missed labour of love by two Canadian/Israeli songbirds who are a fusion of a female Simon and Garfunkle and Hebrew Indigo Girls.

"In a perfect weaving and blending of voices every song becomes the unexpected unfolding of an infinite number of counterpoint rhythms and harmony."Yisrael Shema" is powerful and evocative, in a sweeping melody that evokes and illuminates the entire past and present of the Jewish people and makes one long for peace." ...Cantor Linda Hirschhorn, 'Vocolot' director

"Spine-chillingly beautiful harmonies"...The Jerusalem Post

"The songbirds return!"...Maya Bahir -'Anashim' (People) Jerusalem