Jewish Music for Adults

The Merciful Moon
English CD

Now available in English, this lovely recording presents the same songs as its Hebrew version but the lyrics change some of the patterns. The Merciful Moon song in English is perfect for Rosh Chodesh celebrations, while Sim Shalom works well for interfaith, intergenerational, and congregational settings.  Narrow Bridge has interesting overdubs with a completely different melody superimposed and new lyrics. In either language this is a special labor of love uniting Susan and Fran in beautiful harmony!

The Merciful Moon
Hebrew CD

The Merciful Moon (B'chemlat Hal'vana) is an album of Hebrew songs of peace and celebration, "full of rhythms that lift your feet and your heart simultaneously"

These eleven contemporary pieces to sing, dance, move and be moved by, take us through an exciting emotional journey, of love and loss, joy and sorrow, and ultimately refresh our spirits.

'Yisrael Shema' is an ardent plea for peace, 'Not by Might' an exciting middle eastern mantra-dance and 'Gesher Tsar' connects us in ever-expanding harmony.

This recording is a not-to-be missed labour of love by two Canadian/Israeli songbirds who are a fusion of a female Simon and Garfunkle and Hebrew Indigo Girls.

"In a perfect weaving and blending of voices every song becomes the unexpected unfolding of an infinite number of counterpoint rhythms and harmony."Yisrael Shema" is powerful and evocative, in a sweeping melody that evokes and illuminates the entire past and present of the Jewish people and makes one long for peace...." -Cantor Linda Hirschhorn, 'Vocolot' director

Israel World Beat Songbook/Eretz Music and Vocal Arrangements by Fran Avni
Songbook / CD / Cassette

With this production, on the new Tara Music label, Fran Avni’s career as singer/arranger soars to new heights. An exciting interplay of world-beat rhythms, multi-ethnic instrumentation and lush vocals result in an exhilarating worldbeat groove. Fran is joined by luminaries in the Jewish music world- including Linda Hirschhorn (Vocolot), Bruce Burger of (RebbeSoul) and Susan Cogan of (Susan and Fran) fame.

The book contains the lyrics, transliteration, chords and music arrangements to all cuts on the World Beat recording. Also included are 5 additional Avni arrangements to familiar pieces as well as 2 new compositions. Great for multi-harmony singing!

by Linda Hirschhorn and Fran Avni
Songbook / CD / Cassette

A combination of cantorial, middle-eastern motifs and dynamic drones, counterpoints and rhythmic syncopation makes this a wonderful complement to Marcia Falk's THE BOOK OF BLESSINGS: NEW JEWISH PRAYERS FOR DAILY LIFE, THE SABBATH AND THE NEW MOON FESTIVAL (HarperCollins, 1996). 21 melodies composed and sung by Hirschhorn and Avni, exquisitely complement Falk's poetic texts.

The book includes the Hebrew text, transliteration and translation as well as the chords and musical notation for all of the pieces on the CD as well as several additional blessings.


A celebrated selection of traditional and contemporary songs sung in exquisite harmony by the canadian duo of Fran Avni and Susan Cogan, renowned as top Israeli recording artists in the 70's. Peaceful and beautiful listening, this cassette will be a favourite for the whole family. Acclaimed as "exciting vocal dynamic, drawing from a multitude of musical wells from the familiar to the exotic." - The Jerusalem Post

vol. 1 & vol. 2


In time for Yom Atzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim, (or any time at all) - this 2-volume compilation of most beloved Israeli songs is ideal for synagogue, school, summer camp, community center, car or classroom! Joyously performed and arranged by Fran Avni, selections ranging from "Hava Nagila to Halleluya" will instantly get everyone singing and dancing along to this classic repertoire. For all ages!

VOL 1 & 2

HAPPY CHANUKAH! A collection of Holiday Songs
CD / Cassette

40 minutes of a delightful collection of the most well-known Chanukah songs for all ages - from babies to bubbies!

"This is the perfect holiday tape - with tunes from childhood, traditional pieces and a few contemporary songs. Not only does it include every major Chanukah song, but the inclusion of English verses makes the Hebrew and Yiddish selections accessible to any listener. Throughout, the clarity and beauty of Fran's voice illuminate the words, and enhance the holiday spirit."
Eva Raby, Head Norman Berman Children's Library, Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Canada.