Jewish Music for Kids

3 CDs

This unique collection includes stories and original songs for  Chanukah, Purim, Passover and Shabbat, and joyously brings to life  major symbols and traditions.

"Toe-tapping and irresistible, entertaining and educational...." 
acclaimed by the New York Times and LA Parent

CD / Cassette

Latkes and Hamentashen is a collection of upbeat, contemporary songs about Jewish history and tradition. A creative musical journey into the story of Chanukah on one side, and Purim on the other. The delightful songs and narrative bring to life the main characters of each holiday and give them unique personalities.

"It’s hard to resist the infectious toe-tapping rhythms…. Children will have a rollicking good time with this release."
Norbert Sparrow, L.A. Parent Magazine

CD / Cassette

Subtitled 'A Holiday treat for All Ages', Mostly Matzah is full of lively music that is great for singing along with, and in some cases, dancing to. Original songs and narrative retell the ancient story of Passover and explain it in terms that children will understand and enjoy.

"Mostly Matzah…designed to educate children about the holiday in an entertaining way"
Anne-Marie Schiro, N.Y. Times

"Describing the Jewish celebration of Passover, Mostly Matzah is energetic and fresh. Most of the songs are new creations and the old standbys are treated to updated interpretations."
Jill Jarnow, The All Ears Sampler

CD / Cassette

A joyous and creative celebration of Shabbat, an adventure with sounds and ryhthms - a fine musical tribute to the seventh day! The retelling of the story of Noah as a children's rap to breakdance rhythms. 'Once Upon a Time' - the story of creation: "Chicken Soup" - cause everybody loves chicken, chicken: plus many others.

"The original songs are simple but moving, open to shared participation through clapping, dancing or singing along."
Quill and Quire Review

by Fran Avni & Jackie Cytrynbaum (Tara)

Includes the lyrics, music transcription and chords to Latkes and Hamentashen, Mostly Matzah and The Seventh Day as well as numerous additional compositions by Fran.

Z'MAN LASHIR - Time to Read Hebrew!
Songbook / Cassette - 14 songs

The book includes the Hebrew lyrics, music transcription, chords, translation and transliteration for all 14 songs as well as teacher's guide for use in the classsroom. A must for any Hebrew Language program.

Light-hearted lively language learning, singable syntax, vivid vocabulary and painless pronunciation practice.
These 14 original songs feature catchy tunes, snappy lyrics and bouncy rhythms that set hands to clapping and minds to learning simple Hebrew words and phrases.